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Тест №1 "Местоимения
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Тест 1

1. We saw a lot of pictures at the art shop, but______was

good enough to buy for our museum.

a) none of them                 c) not some of them

b) no of them                     d) only any of them


2.  If there are______calls for me, can you ask to leave a


a) some                             c) any

b) none                             d) no


3. While peeling potatoes my small brother cut______with a sharp knife.

a) oneself                          c) his

b) him                               d) himself


4. There are many good hotels in the town. You can stay at ______of them.

a) no                                 c) any

b) some                             d) all


5.  I've been trying to phone her all day but______I phone her the line is engaged.

a) every time                      c) the every time

b) all the time                    d) the whole time


6. He is invited to lots of parties and he goes to______.

a) everyone                        c) every one

b) everything                     d) each


7. These are______organizations operating in our market and even______we would consider real competitors.

a) a few, many                    b) little, some

с) some, fewer                   d) few, fewer


8.  You are not the only one who failed to hear the news. I didn't______.

a) neither                          c) either

b) both                              d) also


9.  If we hadn't taken the same plane, we might have never met______.

a) ours                              c) each other

b) ourselves                       d) both of us


10.______food, clothes and some______goods have be­come more expensive nowadays.

a) much, others                 c) many, the others

b) many, others                  d) much, other


11.  I'm going to the wedding on Saturday.______is getting married.

a) a friend of me                 c) mine friend

b) a friend of mine             d) a friend of my


12.  During the terrible road accident one car bumped into ______one. One driver was heavily injured and______ died.

a) another, other                c) other, the other

b) another, the other          d) the other, other


13. — Did you hear about the party at Kate's last night? - No, I didn't.______of my friends______there.

a) none, was                      c) nobody, were

b) nobody, was                   d) no, were


14.  "The system of education is not superb," she said. "Too ______mathematics______usually taught at school."

a) many, are                       c) much, are

b) much, is                        d) many, is


15.______should be present at the meeting. A very serious question will be discussed.

a) someone                        c) everyone

b) any one                         d) anyone


16. We've got too______petrol. We must have the car filled at the nearest service station.

a) a little                           c) much

b) little                              d) many


17. When the train arrived at the railway station______pas­sengers got their suitcases. So we picked up______too.

a) other, our                      c) some, ours

b) others, our                    d) another, ours


18. There are______evenings when I do not want to go to bed. But there are______evenings when nothing could keep me from going to bed.

a) some, other                   c) several, others

b) some, the others             d) some, the other


19.  I don't really enjoy going to the cinema_______. I'd

rather have______to go with me.

a) by my own, no one         c) on myself, someone

b) by myself, someone        d) by my own, anyone


20.1 have been talking to that strange man for an hour but I still can't understand if he is_______Spanish______ Portuguese.

a) either, or                       c) neither, nor

b) neither, or                     d) either, nor


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