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Тест №2 "Модальные глаголы"
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Вариант 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. John______speak three foreign languages.

a) can                              c) must

b) may                             d) has to

2.  You______work hard at your English, if you want to

know it.

a) may                             c) should

b) must                            d) are to

3. Mary______be in this room. It is her voice.

a) must                            c) have to

b) should                          d) need

4. Everyone______obey the law.

a) should                          c) must

b) may                             d) can

5.  Mary______have gone to bed earlier last night. She is very tired today.

a) should                          c) have to

b) could                           d) must

6. You______worry about the party any more. I'll take care of it.

a) don't need to                 c) needn't to

b) do need to                    d) need to

7. You______see a doctor.

a) need                            c) have

b) should                          d) may to

8. She has passed the exam. She______all last night.

a) can study                      c) must have studied

b) may have studied           d) could have studied

9. The boss said that I______be at work at nine o'clock.

a) had to                          c) can

b) ought                           d) will be able to

10.  Mary______close the window; it is getting cold.

a) had better to                 c) had better

b) would better                  d) should to

11. Children______play football in the streets.

a) can't                            c) don't need

b) have to                         d) are to

12.______use the phone, please?

a) Must I                          c) May I

b) Have I to                      d) Am I to

13. Kate missed the film last night, because she______work late.

a) had to                          c) could

b) can                              d) may

14. Michael______drive without headlights, it is forbidden.

a) mustn't                        c) shouldn't

b) have to                         d) need to

15. It is only ten a.m. She______at school now.

a) must be                        c) could be

b) should have been           d) have be

16.  Mary______pass the English exam yesterday, because she fell ill with the Пи.

a) could                           c) didn't have to

b) mustn't                        d) wasn't able to

17. Jenny______go to Egypt this spring.

a) may                             c) will to

b) might to                       d) is

18.  It is early spring now. Everybody______eat more fruits and vegetables.

a) should                           c) can

b) shall                              d) may

19. This baby______walk in a few weeks.

a) will be able to                 c) can

b) will can                         d) need

20. Anna______worry, because this trip isn't risky at all.

a) needn't to                      c) not need

b) don't need                     d) needn't

21. You______go to school today, it is Sunday.

a) don't have to                  c) should

b) have to                          d) needn't to

22. John______Mary last night, she was sleeping.

a) shouldn't have called      c) must to call

b) should have called          d) can't to call

23. Everything is white. It______last night.

a) must snow                     c) must have snowed

b) should have snowed        d) must have been snowed

24. Alex didn't do his homework, he______it.

a) can have done                c) need have done

b) should have done           d) ought have done

25. I'd better go to the cinema,______?

a) hadn't I                         c) didn't I

b) wouldn't I                     d) had I


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