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Тест №2 "Видовременная система английского языка"
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Тест 2

1.  We______to the top of Holborn Hill before I______

that he was not smiling at all.

a) had got, knew                c) were getting, knew

b) got, knew                     d) have got, have known


2. Turning from the Temple gate as soon as I______the

warning, I______my way to Fleet Street, and then______

to Covent Garden.

a) was reading, made, drove

b) have read, made, drove

c) had read, made, drove

d) read, made, drove


3.  Seventy-seven detective novels and books of stories by

Agatha Christie______into every major language, and

her sales______in tens of millions.

a) are translated, are calculated

b) were translated, were calculated

c) have been translated, are calculated

d) had been translated, were calculated


4. In recent years, scientific and technological developments

______human life on our planet, as well as our views both

of ourselves as individuals in society and of the universe as a whole.

a) have drastically changed   c) are drastically changing

b) drastically changed          d) change drastically


5.  Before we______from swimming in the river near the

camp, someone______our clothes, and we had to walk

back with our towels around us.

a) returned, stole                 c) were returning, stole

b) had returned, had stolen  d) returned, had stolen


6.  Our new neighbours______in Arizona for ten years be­fore moving to their present house.

a) had been living              c) have been living

b) lived                            d) were living


7. We went into the house by a side door and the first thing 1

______was that the passages______all dark, and that

she______a candle burning there.

a) noticed, were, left

b) had noticed, had been, had left

c) noticed, were, had left

d) have noticed, were, had left


8. The sun______brightly all day on the roof of my attic,

and the room was warm.

a) was shining                   c) has shone

b) shone                           d) had been shining


9.  Although the period that we call "the Renaissance" ______in Italy in the fourteenth century, this idea of re­birth in learning characterized other epochs in history in different parts of the world.

a) begins                          c) began

b) had begun                     d) will begin


10.  Egyptians left no written accounts as to the execution of

mummification, so the scientists______to examine mummies and establish their own theories.

a) had                              c) are having

b) have                             d) have had


11.  In spite of the fact that it______all day long, the match

______and the stands were full of spectators.

a) had been raining, was not cancelled

b) rained, was not cancelled

c) was raining, has not cancelled

d) had rained, had not been cancelled


12. Many football fans claimed that after "Real FC"______

that important game it______no chance to win the championship.

a) lost, had                       c) had lost, had

b) lose, has                       d) will lose, will have


13.  I wish he______last Friday but his flight______be­cause of bad weather. If he______the next day I would have brought him by car.

a) arrived, was cancelled, called

b) had arrived, was cancelled, had called

c) had arrived, had been cancelled, called

d) arrived, have cancelled, had called


14. After many long years of devoted and patient instruction,

the doctor______able to get the boy to clothe and feed himself, recognize and utter a number of words, as well as write letters and form words.

a) was                              c) had been

b) has been                       d) were


15. At the first stages of the Industrial Revolution advertising ______a relatively straightforward means of announce­ment and communication and was used mainly to pro­mote novelties and fringe products which______un­known to the public.

a) had been, were               c) was, were

b) had been, had been        d) was being, were


16. Towards the end of the 19th century the larger companies

______more and more on mass advertising to promote their new range of products. The market during this pe­riod ______by a small number of giant, conglomerate


a) relied, has been controlled

b) relied, had been controlled

c) were relying, has been controlled

d) relied, were controlled


17. To cater for the fitness boom of the 80s and provide the up-to-date facilities people want, over 1,500 private health and fitness clubs______during the past 15 years.

a) were built                      c) have been built

b) had been built                d) will be built

18.  In 1936 the British Broadcasting Corporation______to

provide a public radio service. Since then the BBC ______by the establishment of independent and com­mercial radio and television, which______the BBC's

broadcasting monopoly.

a) was established, was influenced, removed

b) was established, has been influenced, removed

c) was established, has been influenced, had removed

d) was established, had been influenced, removed

19. The Neolithic Age was a period of history which______

in approximately 6000 B.C. and______until 3000 B.C.

a) began, lasted                 c) began, was lasting

b) had begun, lasted          d) had begun, had been lasting


20. A major problem in the construction of new buildings is that windows______while air conditioning systems

a) have been eliminated, have not been perfected

b) were eliminated, were not perfected

c) had been eliminated, had not been perfected

d) eliminate, are not perfected

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