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Тест "Неличные формы глагола" вариант 1
[ Скачать с сервера (13.4 Kb) ] 16.12.2014, 12:10

Тест 1


1. My parents never let me______in bed.

a) reading                         c) to reading

b) to read                         d) read


2. The teacher allowed us ______reference material while writing the report.

a) to use                           c) use

b) using                            d) used


3. They expected the meeting______in a conference hall.

a) to hold                          c) holding

b) to be held                     d) to be holding


4. What makes him______so jealous of his friends' success?

a) to be                             c) be

b) being                           d) to have been


5.1 am thinking______my country house.

a) selling                           c) to sell

b) of selling                       d) is selling


6.1 would rather______her the truth.

a) have told                       c) telling

b) to tell                            d) tell


7. You had better______your studies more seriously.

a) take                             c) taking

b) to take                          d) are taking


8.1 don't mind______out.

a) against eating                c) eating

b) eat                               d) to eat


9.1 hope______Moscow State University.

a) for entering                   c) of entering

b) to enter                         d) entering


10.1 want my brother______the work as soon as possible.

a) finishing                       c) finishes

b) to finish                       d) finish


11. Could you help me______the work as soon as possible?

a) finishing                       c) with finishing

b) in finishing                   d) to finish


12.  If you don't succeed______your exams, I won't let you ______to a disco.

a) in taking, go                  c) in taking, to go

b) taking, go                      d) to take, go


13. The government intend______social programmes.

a) at starting                     c) to start

b) starting                         d) start




14.1 was made______to play the piano.

a) learn                            c) learning

b) to learn                        d) in learning


15. My father makes me______the piano three hours a day.

a) to play                          c) play

b) playing                         d) in playing


16. A passer-by asked me how______to the railway station.

a) can get                         c) getting

b) get                               d) to get


17. The children were let______in the river.

a) swim                            c) swimming

b) to swim                        d) swam


18. The tourists expected the hotel______much better.

a) be                                 c) of being

b) being                            d) to be


19.1 would like my daughter______back home earlier.

a) come                             c) to come

b) coming                          d) to be coming


20.  My father likes______for long walks in the early morn­ing.

a) go                                 c) to go

b) going                            d) of going


21. Some parents enjoy______their children what to do.

a) telling                           c) to tell

b) in telling                       d) tell


22.  His aunt is a very fussy person who wants everything ______in its right place.

a) being                             c) be

b) to be                             d) to being


23. A thermometer is used______the temperature.

a) take                               c) taking

b) for taking                      d) to take


24. Everyone hates______extra hours for nothing.

a) work                             c) working

b) to work                         d) of working


25. We dislike______in the city centre because of air pollu­tion.

a) living                            c) to be living

b) live                                d) to live


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