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Тест "Неличные формы глагола" вариант 2
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Тест 2


1. Не used______a lot of "fantasy" books when a teenager.

a) read                              c) for reading

b) reading                          d) to read


2. He is not used______soap operas on TV.

a) to watch                        c) to watching

b) for watching                  d) watch


3. Peter was never a good friend. If I were you I would try ______him.

a) to forget                        c) for forgetting

b) forgetting                      d) forget


4.  If your clothes are very dirty, try_______them in a little


a) to wash                          c) wash

b) washing                         d) for washing


5. Please stop______so loudly!

a) to speak                         c)speak

b) speaking                        d) to be speaking


6. After two hours we stopped______a snack.

a) for having                      c) have

b) having                           d) to have


7.  My grandmother remembers______this famous actor in many parts at the theatre.

a) to see                             c) seeing

b) of seeing                        d) see


8.  Do you remember______John and tell him that we can't

meet today?

a) to see                             c) seeing

b) of seeing                        d) see


9. I started______ at the age of two.

a) to speak                         c)speak

b) be speaking                    d) in speaking


10. Oh, look! It is starting______.

a) raining                          c) rain

b) to rain                           d) having rained


11.  He went on______newspaper as if nothing had hap­pened.

a) to read                          c) reading

b) read                              d) in reading


12. The lesson began very badly but the teacher went on ______the situation.

a) change                          c) for change

b) for the changing             d) to change


13. I couldn't______a cheap flat in the downtown.

a) finding                          c) to find

b) in finding                      d) find

14. The child was so nice that people couldn't help______ at him.

a) smile                             c) smiling

b) to smile                         d) from smiling


15.I like______bills without delays.

a) paying                           c) having paid

b) to pay                           d) pay


16. Do you like______cricket?

a) playing                          c) play

b) to play                          d) of playing


17. When we have a birthday party, my mother likes______ games with children.

a) playing                          b) to play

c) play                              d) be playing


18. I heard my mother______up and______on the radio.

a) waking, turning              c) waking, turn

b) wake, turning                 d) wake, turn


19. When I woke up at four in the morning, I could hear my mother______.

a) to cough                        c) coughing

b) cough                           d) coughed


20. When she looked out of the window she saw a stranger ______on the bench.

a) to sit                             c) sitting

b) sit                                 d) be sitting


21. Can you hear two men______an argument?

a) have                              c) to have

b) having                           d) are having


22. I've never seen anyone______as little as you do.

a) eat                                c) in eating

b) to eat                            d) eating


23.  When he entered the office he watched the secretary ______on the phone.

a) in talking                       c) talk

b) to talk                           d) talking


24. It is clear that they haven't heard me______in.

a) coming                          c) come

b) to come                         d) on coming


25. When she saw me______along the street, she came up to me.

a) go                                 c) while going

b) going                            d) to go



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