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Тест "Прилагательное и наречие" вариант 1
[ Скачать с сервера (13.0 Kb) ] 16.12.2014, 12:14

1. The exam was quite easy —______we expected.

a) more easy that               c) easier than

b) more easy than              d) easier as


2. The more electricity you use,______.

a) your bill will be higher

b) will be higher your bill

c) the higher your bill will be

d) higher will be your bill


3. He's a fast runner. I can't run as______as he.

a) fast                              c) faster

b) fastly                           d) fastest


4. The film was really boring. It was______I've ever seen.

a) most boring film            c) the film more boring

b) the more boring film      d) the most boring film


5. My book is______interesting______yours.

a) as, as                            c) as, like

b) like, like                       d) like, as


6. My house is______ height______his.

a) as, as                            c) as, the same

b) the same, as                  d) the same, the same


7. John's grades are______his sister's.

a) the higher than              c) higher than

b) the highest as                d) more high than


8. His drawings are as perfect as his______.

a) instructor                     b) instructor's

c) instructors                    d) instructor drawings


9. The salary of a professor is higher than______a secretary.

a) —                                 c) has

b) one of                          d) that of


10.1 feel______today than I did last week.

a) much better                  c) no better

b) more good                    d) more better

11. No animal is so big______King Kong.

a) as                                c)than

b) so                                d) that


12. Her sport car is different______Kate's.

a) like                              c) from

b) as                                d) so


13.California is farther from New York______Pennsylva­nia.

a) as                                c) like

b) than                            d) from


14. This encyclopedia costs______the other one.

a) more                            c) twice as many as

b) twice more than            d) twice as much as


15. The hotter it is,______I feel.

a) the more miserable         c) more miserable

b) the miserable                d) most miserable


16. The more you study,______you will become.

a) the more smart              c) smarter

b) the more smarter           d) the smarter


17.No sooner had he started out for California______it

started to rain.

a) that                             c) no sooner

b)than                             d)-


18. Of the two books, this one is the______.

a) the most interesting        c) more interesting

b) most interesting             d) the more interesting


19. These shoes are______of all.

a) less expensive                c) the less expensive

b) the least expensive          d) least expensive


20. He drives______than Bob.

a) more cautiously             c) the most cautiousliest

b) cautiouslier                   d) more cautious



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