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Тест "Прилагательное и наречие" вариант 2
[ Скачать с сервера (13.1 Kb) ] 16.12.2014, 12:15

1. Honesty is______policy.

a) the best                        c) more better

b) better                           d) the better


2.______men declare war. But it is the youth that fight and die.

a) oldest                           c) eldest

b) elder                            d) older


3. Of two evils choose______.

a) less                              c) the least

b) little                             d) smaller


4. What's the______news of today?

  a) later                             c) lately

  b) last                              d) latest


5. If you are interested in______details ask the head of the office.

a) further                         c) furthest

b) farther                         d) farthest


6. Actions speak______than words.

a) more louder                  c) louder

b) the loudest                    d) loudly


7. Hotels are becoming______nowadays.

a) more expensive              c) expensiver

b) the most expensive         d) the more expensive


8. The damage to the car could be______than we expected.

a) bad                              c) the worst

b) worse                           d) the worse


9. That was______case in his practice.

a) the least difficult            c) the less difficulter

b) the less difficult             d) difficulter


10. The sea is______unknown part of our planet.

a) the most large               c) the most largest

b) the largest                     d) the larger


11. This cake is______the one you made last night.

a) sweeter than                  c) sweet as

b) sweetest                       d) more sweeter than


12. That was______question in the exam.

a) least difficult                 c) little difficult

d) the less difficult             d) the least difficult


13. This was the______test I've ever done.

a) easiest                          c) easier

b) easy                             d) most easiest


14. That was the______performance I've ever seen.

a) worst                            c) worse

b) bad                              d) worser


15. Those shoes cost______mine.

a) much as                        c) more as

b) as much as                    d) as more


16. You live even______from the centre than they.

a) farther                          c) furthest

b) far                               d) more far


17.1 like Jane less than Tom, but I like Sam______of all.

a) less                              c) little

b) lesser                           d) least


18. It took Kate______to do this work.

a) long                             b) as long

c) the longest                    d) much longer


19. The smaller a garden is______it is to look after.

a) the easier                      c) easier

b) more easy                     d) most easy


20. My left arm is______than my right one.

a) stronger                        c) most strong

b) more stronger               d) strongest


21. The people who arrive______get the best seats.

a) more earlier                  c) the earliest

b) most early                    d) much early


22. It's becoming_____ to find a job.

a) hard and hard                c) hardly and hard

b) harder and harder          d) the hardest and the hardest


23.______we leave,______we will arrive.

a) the earlier, the sooner     c) the earliest, the soon

b) the early, sooner            d) the earlier, sooner


24. Could you speak______, please?

a) distinct                         c) less distinctly

b) most distinct                 d) more distinctly

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