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Тест "Страдательный залог" вариант 1
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1. English is the main foreign language which______within most school systems.

a)teach                            c)teaches

b) is taught                       d) is teaching


2. On festive occasions sweets______at the end of a meal.

a) are served                      c) is being served

b) is served                        d) served


3.  If the vegetable we______is very soft a crunchy relish

a) are serving, may be added

b) are served, may be added

c) is serving, may be added

d) may be served, added


4. In India the right hand______for eating.

a) used                             c) is used

b) uses                             d) is being used


5. Needless to say, hands______before and after eating.

a) must wash                     c) wash

b) must be washing            d) must be washed


6.  Some of the rice______ plain to enable us to eat it with

other dishes.

a) is left                            c) is leaving

b) left                               d) is being left


7.  I haven't got a large appetite and when I______my fa­vourite food, I leave half of it on the plate.

a) was given                      c) have given

b) gave                             d) am given


8. My father______that roast meat is not healthy.

a) persuaded                     c) has persuaded

b) has been persuaded         d) persuades


9.  She stood in the shadows of the jungle, knowing that she ______by the Indians.

a) must follow                   c) must have been followed

b) must have followed         d) followed


10. She thought the arrow______poisoned.

a) is                                 c) can be

b) may be                         d) could be


11. He knew the boys______rescued.

a) would be                       c) are

b) have been                     d) '11 be


12. Japan______up of a chain of more than one thousand islands.

a) make                            c) is making

b) is made                         d) makes


13. Japan______from Korea by the Sea of Japan.

a) is separated                   c) separated

b) separates                      d) is separating


14. Japan has a large number of volcanoes, sixty-seven of which______active.

a) consider                       c) were considered

b) considered                    d) are considered


15. Now girls are not embarrassed______smoking.

a) to see                           c) to be seen

b) seeing                          d) have been seen


16.  Research devoted to the differences between men and women______discouraged by feminists for a long time.

a) are                               b) have been

с) has been                       d) were


17. Feminists feared that such research______to justify sex discrimination.

a) may be used                  c) can be used

b) might be used                d) should be used


18.  An area of rainforest the size of Austria______every year.

a) is being destroyed           c) destroyed

b) destroys                        d) destroying


19.  Who knows what as yet undiscovered weapons against cancer or AIDS ______ by the destruction of the rainforests?

a) ruin                             c) are ruined

b) ruined                          d) are being ruined


20. Do you know how many paintings______by vandals?

a) are destroyed                 c) have been destroyed

b) are being destroyed         d) are destroying


21. Suddenly he thought that something______of him.

a) expected                       c) is expected

b) was expected                 d) has been expected


22. A lot of jazz festivals______every year in America.

a) are held                        c) are holding

b) hold                             d) held


23. Scotland ______ from London but in many ways it is a separate nation.

a) governed                       c) is governing

b) was governed                 d) is governed


24. The Highlands are home to many rare birds and animals, which______nowhere else in Britain.

a) are found                      c) weren't found

b) aren't found                  d) cannot be found


25. A seat belt______even if you are sitting in the back seat.

a) must wear                     c) must be worn

b) wore                            d) must be wearing


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