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Тест "Страдательный залог" вариант 2
[ Скачать с сервера (13.2 Kb) ] 16.12.2014, 12:20

1. The famous actress______now for the "HELLO" maga­zine.

a) is interview                   c) is being interviewed

b) interview                      d) was interviewed


2. All tickets______before we got in the theatre.

a) were sold                      c) are sold

b) have sold                      d) had been sold


3. Students______next Friday.

a) will be examined            c) are examined

b) will examine                 d) have been examined


4. "A Farewell to Arms"______in 1929.

a) was published                c) published

b) were published              d) has published


5. The dinner______by five o'clock tomorrow.

a) will be served                 c) will have been served

b) is served                       d) will serve


6. He______to tidy the garage.

a) was helped                    c) are helped

b) were helped                  d) have helped


7. She______practicing the piano yesterday.

a) is heard                        c) hear

b) was heard                     d) hears


8. The jam sandwiches______with white bread.

a) made                           c) are made

b) makes                          d) is made


9. Most children______strongly______their parents.

a) are, influencing on         c) has, influence with

b) are, influenced by          d) have, influenced by


10.  All information______to me, before I found her ad­dress.

a) had given                      c) was given

b) had been given              d) is given


11. The Loch Ness monster______to exist.

a) is told                           c) is said

b) tells                             d) says


12. About 50 people______to the party yesterday.

a) were invited                  c) was invited

b) invite                           d) are invited


13. Trained dogs______by the police to find drugs.

a) use                               c) used

b) are using                       d) are used


14. Lisa is at the beauty parlor. She is______.

a) having her nails painted

b) had her nails

c) painting her nails

d) painted her nails

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